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I don't wear make-up often. Just once in a while, when I'm going out with friends or so. For work? Almost never. I do like make-up, but my skin sucks already, without me putting lots of stuff onto it. -.-
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I wear makeup mostly to even out my skin tone. But when I go out, I usually put on eye shadow and blush just to give me more color.
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If you are pale like me with almost colorless brows and lashes, make up is a must. It's not optional. I look like death warmed over without it.
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I look too washed out and, well, just too plain without it.

My brows are too thin (overplucked years ago ... oh what a mistake) , lashes are not dark, and skin is too pale and kind of splotchy at times. I have lost my youthful bone structure (added pounds will do that to you) and I don't feel like I look like myself sometimes.

Without the evening out effect of foundation and the contouring and enhancing benefits of eye color and blush I just feel like I look mousy and blah.

It gives confidence I guess, just knowing you have played up good features or somewhat hidden poor ones really helps your self image, especially if you are dealing with the public on a daily basis.

Plus - I just like working with colors and eyeshadow, even done in a very conservative manner (which I do) is just too darn much fun !
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I like looking tarted up a bit some days, and others not so much. I want to get the right 40's look, but I'm really into orange coral lipstick colours at the moment. I used to do heavy black liner with dark shadow and bright red lips ...sort of goth-y, but now I do a lighter look with the coral lippy and a lighter brown eyeshadow and some simple mascara.

I usually never wear foundation, but I'll put a light dusting of powder on. I like it since my new regime takes less than 5 minutes to do.
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I only wear kohl and I wear it because first I believe it is good for my eyes and secondly I like the way it makes them look. Also it is waterproof and very easy to apply.
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I like to hide my dark circles, and enhance my eyelashes with mascara so they will stand out more. I don't wear makeup every day, more like once a week.
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I've been struggling with depression for the past couple of months. A huge sign that I know I've been off meds too long is when I stop wearing makeup. Most days I haven't been wearing any at all and I've even stopped putting in my contacts (and I HATE wearing glasses). Today I see my doctor and hopefully tomorrow I'll be back on my meds and on my way to getting back to normal.

I wear makeup to boost my self confidence. If I've taken the effort to look good, I feel more confident facing the world.

Man.. I've been off my meds so long that I don't care what I wear in public. I'm sure I've looked a mess.

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I mostly like being able to switch things up without having to buy new clothes. I'm not a massive fan of shopping, so I'll buy multitasking clothes and suit them to the occasion with my makeup- it's fun for me. Also, I love how putting make-up on my eyes makes them look. Most people probably think I look odd, but I enjoy it!
Funnily enough, despite having very red, patchy skin, I rarely wear foundation or anything like that. It bugs me, because I am a serial face rubber. The only time I tend to wear anything on my skin (diy tinted moisturiser usually!) is when I know I'm having my photo taken, because I have actually been told off in the past for 'ruining' someones photo with my face. It's just easier to do it and save any moaning/mocking, plus, it's sometimes fun to wear face paint for a night and pretend to have a fake face =P
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I don't really wear a lot of makeup, just mascara and eye liner sometimes, and red lipstick when I'm feeling adventurous. Sometimes I'll put on powder if my cheeks are really red (like in the winter wind). When I do wear makeup it's to please myself, kind of like a painting or art or any other type of expression. I wish I could do that smouldering eyeshadow type look but I just can't seem to figure it out. I even have the little pallates that TELL YOU where to put what and it still looks awful >.<
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