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Default Thoughts on the One Week Diet Cleanse

I've been on the One Week Diet Cleanse for 2 consecutive weeks now. I have 2 more to go until I run out of product.

If you're curious what I'm talking about... I bought <removed spammy content)

I've got to say so far I'm really really pleased with it. I lost 6 pounds the first week and another 4 pounds in the second. I eat less and it is easy and feels right, like healthy.

To give you an idea on how it works:
You mix the liquid concentrate with water and drink it once in the morning and again in the afternoon. It also helps you replace one meal of your choosing, either breakfast or lunch. Sometimes I am a little too hungry to replace an entire meal and I snack on some of the suggested foods in the manual such as raw almonds.

I really feel strongly about the product and it's effects on my body. It's a really simple gradual approach to weight loss without any harsh dieting, starvation or intense exercising. In fact, 30 minutes of mild walking a day is more than enough.

And on another note, not only have I lost weight, but my indigestion has gone completely... I've had it for years, now it's gone, I guess that is why the product is called <more spammy content>
Has anybody else tried this product?
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I trust my tried and true evolved with my body liver to handle any cleansing required.
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There was a programme a few years back about detoxing drinks and diets. They took a group of women, fed half on total junk food and the other half on every detoxer they could get their hands on. They took they levels before and after the trial and sadly both were the same after. The detoxers hadnt worked.

Personally if something is supposed to be for one week only, I would do it just for that week.

I have lemon juice in water for my first drink of the day and that does it for me. Lemon is also supposed to speed up the metabolic rate but not sure about that one.
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This one week cleansing diet is really great. With this, I feel that the occasional cleanse can help me to clear out my system of toxins, to make me feel better, and even to help me to lose some excess weight.
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I think highly of cleansing diets, and I think a concentrate one buys to use like carnation instant breakfast/slim fast, etc is not a cleanse in any sense.

If you clicked through because of an interest in cleanses, read up about Elson Haas and his methods.
Pm me here or at LHC for info.
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